LP Charcuterie

charcuterie board

    1. Hay-cured capicola
    2. ODD Muse Keine Eier brined cottage ham
    3. Spicy N’duja
    4. Peppered pork rillettes
    5. Duck liver patè with fig jam
    6. Lovera’s Blue Thunder gorganzola
    7. Mimolette
    8. Imported Taleggio
    9. Honeycomb
    10. Fermented dilly green beans and yellow wax beans
    11. House marinated olives
    12. Grilled House Sourdough & not our crackers

Cured meats, salami, jams, pickles, ferments, and breads all made in house and served with local artisan cheeses. Available for Dine in and for to go!

*not available on Wednesdays