Food Menu


Jumbo Pretzel     $8

A large Pretzel served with your choice of 805 Beer Cheese or Spicy Brown Mustard. Add another sauce for $1.50

Caramelized ramp dip $9

Served with fresh potato chips tossed in green garlic and dill

Loaded fries or tots    $9

A bed of waffle fries or tots topped with 805 Beer Cheese, bacon bits, and green onions
ADD BOJ                  $2
ADD JALAPENOS         $0.75

Fried cheese curds    $9

Kaufholds cheese curds in a garlic breading. Served with Parmesan aioli

fried green tomatoes  $9

Polenta and pistachio crusted green tomatoes with lemon basil aioli

Smoked Hummus $8

House made smoked chickpea hummus with meyer lemon infused TX olive oil and grilled pita


Due to the ongoing chicken shortage, affecting the United States and the drastic price increase, we do not feel comfortable charging what we would need to charge in order to be profitable. we have decided to temporarily remove chicken wings from our menu.  We apologize for any inconvenience and hope to have them back in the future once the market returns to normal. For more information on the nationwide chicken shortage CLICK HERE


all items are served a la carte. please let us know if you would like a side of tots or fries

Flower Mound BOJ Burger    $12

Our original burger is an 8 ounce CAB burger served with lettuce, tomato, creme de brie and topped with mouthwatering Bacon Onion Jam $2 Sub Impossible Patty

House burger       $11

8 ounce CAB burger topped with cheddar cheese, garlic aioli, lettuce, tomato, and pickles. Served on brioche bun        $2 Sub Impossible Patty

Fried eggplant sandwich    $11

Calabrian pepperoncini marinated eggplant in a sourdough and pecorino dredge.  Served with house tomato jam, stracchino cheese, and arugula on a ciabatta bun

hot beef $11

24 hour slow cooked beef cheek, house fermented giardiniera, candied jalapenos and a hoagie roll half dipped in banging beef stock

The Big Dill Chicken Sandwich $12

Dill-brined fried chicken breast topped with Havarti cheese, dill pickles, and ranch dressing. Served on a brioche bun.

Wagyu Beef Sloppy Joe    $12

The description is in the name. Served on a brioche bun and available while supplies last

BBQ Pulled Pork $12

Cold smoked and beer braised pulled pork topped with Dr. Feel Good bbq sauce, house pickles, slaw, and buttermilk dressing on a toasted brioche bun

Chicken Tenders    $9

Five hand battered tenders served with a sauce of your choice

same salad different name $10

Young’s baby head lettuce, frisee, red crimson pears, roasted walnuts, dates, blue cheese crumbles and tossed in a mustard seed vinaigrette


Chicken Liver Pate    $9

Chicken liver pate with Gooseberry marmalade, grilled bread and crackers


waffle fries            $3

Tater Tots                $3

side sauces         $0.75

Ranch, Dr Feel Good bbq sauce, Tangy Gold, Blue Cheese & Pineapple Habenero

805 Beer Cheese & Spicy Mustard $1.50